LUCY AUGE and BAYNTUN FLOWERS November 20, 2015 19:57

Lucy Auge has spent many hours over the past few months drawing flowers from life in our cutting gardens for her forthcoming exhibition ‘500 flowers’, showing in the 44AD Gallery Space in Bath next week.

Lucy has a passion for nature evident in her choice of flowers, and tended to gravitate towards the less obvious, less showy ones I grow here.  She captured them in calligraphy ink in one take, each one a first attempt demonstrating free, unedited creativity.

It was very calming to watch her at work at intervals throughout the late summer and early autumn, tucked away in quite corners of the garden observing the flowers in minute detail.  I grow many different varieties of the same species – dozens of dahlias, several different zinnias and a handful of echinaceas - and Lucy managed to depict the subtle differences between all the plants she drew.

When she showed me her sheaf of drawings at the end of each visit they were reminiscent of the mellowed pages of old herbals, with the specimens seeming to grow out of the pages.  I look forward to seeing them hung in series at her exhibition, some of them a record of the time she spent here at Bayntun Flowers. 

On completion of her final drawing we decided to create a woodland arch to welcome visitors to the gallery.   I have been gathering bare branches, cones and autumnal foliage ready for the installation of the arch on Monday, and I hope it will be a fitting complement to the spellbinding works within.