Naturalised Fritillaria, <br>Pulsatilla seedheads, <br>tulips in bud and <br>Narcissus bulbocodium
Orlaya Grandiflora and <br> Knautia Macedonica <br> 'Melton Pastels'
Paeonia lactiflora ‘Festiva Maxima’ Clematis ‘Arabella’
Paeonia ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ <br> Geum ‘Prinses Juliana’  <br>Borage
Specimen flowers <br>and hornbeam trees
Tithonia, the Torch Flower
Tulipa ‘Belle Epoque’ <BR>and others with <BR>Fritillaria ‘Bicolor’
Tulipa ‘Hemisphere’
Tulipa ‘Irene Parrot’
Tulipa ‘Jackpot’  <br>T.‘Double Dazzle’  <br>T. Cairo’
Tulips including<br> ‘Flaming Spring Green’ <br>and ‘Black Jack’ <br>in the dovecot perches
Tulips with Myosotis sylvatica <br> and Alder buds
Upside-down-garden <br> of Bayntun Flowers, <br>event collaboration <br>with Electric Daisy <br>Flower Farm
Vintage wirework, <br>part of a large collection
Viridiflora, Ballerina <br>and Parrot Tulips
Wirework basket lined <br>with moss and filled <br>with spring flowers
Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’  <br>Hydrangea serrata <br>Paeonia ‘Sarah Bernhardt’