It was exciting to be a featured florist for British Flowers Week 2015 – New Covent Garden Flower Market’s annual campaign is so crucial. We’re looking forward to seeing this year’s designs! It’s especially encouraging to see independent flower farmers go from strength to strength with homegrown slow blooms and foliage. We’re delighted to celebrate BFW 2016 (13-19 June) in collaboration with one of the best, artisan growers Bayntun Flowers, with Zita creating signature arrangements using Polly Nicholson’s hand-picked selection of flowers and greenery.

“Polly has a sensitivity to flowers which aligns with mine, a balance between a feeling of theatre and a gentle acknowledgment of the natural qualities inherent in each plant and bloom. I loved translating her choice of Bayntun flowers into arrangements to reflect my own passion for colour, form and texture. I really treasure the abundance and variety of British flowers and have enjoyed dipping into Polly’s wonderful organic garden to discover fresh seasonal combinations – nature is a constant and constantly changing inspiration.” Zita Elze, June 2016

“I was interested in collaborating with Zita because I thought her style would complement the flowers I grow and the way I grow them. We have a beautiful walled garden, and I have previously described my style of planting as ‘tapestry’ like, as row upon row of flowers of different colour, height and form merge into each other in a soft, textural manner. When I first came across Zita’s work I saw it described as ’embroidered’, which resonated with me. I also appreciate her use of seasonal flowers, and her natural aesthetic.”  Polly Nicholson, June 2016

Bayntun’s pick includes wallflowers, apple mint, fritillaria meleagris (snake’s head fritillary), tulipa double dazzle, bluebells, pulsatilla seedheads and alder buds. Visit the bouquets page for more seasonal BFW beauty.

Zita Elze Flowers
Photographer Julian Winslow