The Garden

The Garden

Blackland is aptly named after the rich, black soil upon which it sits.  Historically a vegetable-growing region, the ground here has adapted beautifully to growing flowers.

Over the last ten years we have started to bring the gardens back to life, with the help of Arne Maynard Garden Design.

Our most recent project has been to take out a derelict tennis court and reinstate the ornamental walled garden.  The brick and Bath stone walls have created a micro-climate which extends our growing season.  We have installed a Foster and Pearson greenhouse, which provides ideal surroundings for sowing and propagating.  

As part of our drive to foster an environmentally friendly growing practice we have installed a borehole and harvest rainwater for irrigation.  We also use manure from our livestock and peat-free compost.

The eighteenth-century Coach House and dovecot lie adjacent to the Walled Garden, and it is here that Polly conditions the flowers and creates the arrangements.  The thickness of the walls keeps the temperature naturally cool throughout the growing season.